Alexander Torrenegra
2012, Colombia
Incubation and creation of technological innovators start-ups on digital markets

Since Alexander Terrenegra was very little, he was interested in the world of technology and its new uses. At the age of 14 he founded his first company and at the age of 18, he already had a technological services company.

After this first jump, the serial entrepreneur man, raise in 2002 an incubator business that today has him in a position as one of the most important leaders in the ambience of innovation.

Today there are around 20 companies from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and the USA that are being incubated in Torrenegra Labs and expect to be able to close the year with 23. The initial capital to support each technological entrepreneur ship oscillates between the 25 thousand to 100 thousand dollars per company.

Among the successful companies that are in the incubator, highlights VoiceBunny developed by Torrenegra, a service that allows to obtain professional voices for any type of project. Currently they have 75 thousand clients, such as Pixar, and expect to achieve invoice for this exercise close to $25 million.

Another successful case, is Dashbell, a platform that allows small and independent hotels to get connected online and receive reservations through the Internet, and there is a third one, it is Wehostels, a service so travelers could reserve cheap hotels from his mobile devices.