Andrea Goldin
2014, Argentina & Uruguay
Her computer games balance out the academic results of at-risk children who cannot regularly attend class
Computer Science

Until now, research in cognitive training was based on pathological situations. However Goldin goes beyond that and wants to examine 'normal' children without any cognitive deficit with a scientific aim: to experiment with control groups and then publish the results to lay the foundations for future research.

Thanks to funding from the Sadosky Foundation of MINCyT (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation), this young Argentinean has created Mate Marote: an application with an appealing and fun design whose aim is to boost the cognitive skills and educational performance of children while playing the game. Goldin continues her research so as to create an unsupervised cognitive training tool, which reduces costs and encourages the education of children.

Goldin, a Biological Sciences graduate, combines her studies with a clear social goal to balance out the academic performance of children with poor school attendance so that they are on a par with children who attend school regularly. Her research projects have been published in many international journals such as Nature Neuroscience or Cognitive Science.