Edgar Rodríguez
2015, Mexico
Designed a condenser that extracts water from the humidity in the air without using electricity
Computer Science

In 2025, 1.8 billion people will reside in areas which face a tremendous scarcity of water, and two thirds of the world´s population is expected to be water stressed, according to the UN.

Edgar Rodriguez has defined a solution based on atmospheric humidity, which in some parts of the world can reach 100%. Rodriguez has developed a condenser that extracts the humidity from the air without consuming electricity in the process.

To this end, Rodriguez´s design includes a metal plate that heats the air using solar radiation. As the air temperature increases, the air rises through a chimney that leads to a filter. There, the humidity is purified and condensed to obtain pure water. The advantage of this process is that on a clear day, Rodriguez´s system is able to generate up to 300 liters of water, depending on the level of humidity present in the air.