Fernando Rojas
2014, Mexico
He has created a remote IT monitoring and risk assessment system for pregnant women
Computer Science

Fernando Rojas has created a remote and real-time pregnancy monitoring system which reduces the risk of complications, including death. Using a kit for home visits and a risk assessment system installed in health centers, every step of the pregnancy, birth and post-partum period can be monitored both from within health centers and remotely.

The AmaneceTEC tool created by Fernando is accessible and user-friendly. It also includes an educational aspect which empowers pregnant women through games, graphic samples of alarm signals and tips provided in a number of indigenous languages.

AmaneceTEC enables the National Health System to continue to constantly monitor not only the pregnancy but also chronic diseases and other health issues. In a simple and, for the first time, automatic way, it can produce a unique and up-to-date census of pregnant women by health center, classify them by their risk assessment and improvement based on the last visit, and provides information about women who are due to give birth soon.

Aguascalientes, Distrito Federal, Veracruz or Chihuahua are just some of the 100 plus municipalities and 8 states of the republic where the technology developed by Fernando Rojas, the current manager of Innovation at the Carlos Sim Health Institute, is currently operational. Under the 2015 Salud Mesoamérica Initiative, these actions will be extended to the most underprivileged countries of the region.