Filippo Tognola
2013, Italy
Mind The Place, an innovative social network

Mind The Place: an innovative social network

Mind the Place is an innovative social network based on geolocalisation and the interaction between a given place and the user. It is a web application which is well adapted to the needs and requirements of a vast urban context, and may find interesting implementations in the trade and tourism sector of the main Italian and European metropolitan areas.

As indicated by Filippo Tognola, one of the members of the team who designed the project, today's consumer trend clearly indicates that most likely sooner or later everybody will own a smartphone and will be online at anytime, anywhere. At least in the developed world, the mobile phone market is issuing mainly devices with high internet connectivity. Tognola's goal with this project is to allow a real ''socialisation'', having the place where the user is located at the centre of associated thoughts. That is, to grant everybody the possibility to express what they feel inside.

Mind The Place is based on the innovative concept of live communication, not just instantaneous but also georeferenced in the area around the user. Its winning concept is that users can share thoughts with those who are present in the same area, leading to direct socialisation. The application also sets the base for online 1-to-1 online marketing, carried out directly around any local commercial activity so as to raise their visibility and profile.

Tognola has designed this new “geolocalised” social network together with Marco Vaiano and Noonic Ltd, which is their technical partner. Thanks to networking, the team has been joined by other collaborators, all active in the web and social network space.