Rodrigo Martínez
2012, Mexico
Online recruitment and employee selection

In an economic environment of globalized crisis in which companies are focused on reducing the costs of staff recruitment, a system to facilitate and cheapen this task is crucial to encourage those considering hiring new employees. However, a proper selection is essential and cannot be entrusted to just anyone regardless of how cheaply and quickly their service is provided.                                     

The Mexican Rodrigo Martínez, a computer programmer with a Master´s degree in entrepreneurship from the University College of London, knows that finding the most suitable candidate is as important as effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, compared to current hiring trends, which resembles a numeric transaction more than a value exchange, this young man of only 29 years of age aims to restore the essence of this process by making it more human.

His main weapon, as paradoxical it seems in an attempt to return to tradition, is technology. His efforts lead him to found the company Wowzer two years ago, which offers a personnel selection service that combines software and hardware with visual and emotional design to discover and promote relationships between candidates and organizations and, on this basis, choose the person who best meets the desired requirements.

Wowzer, with headquarters in Guadalajara (Mexico) and in Sunnyvale (United States), takes advantage of the new 2.0 world and social media, where the visual is as important as written and verbal communication. With a unique application of single video projection, it allows the contracting company to visually display their corporate culture to potential candidates, which in turn can describe their best attributes to the company through a brief video recording. Thus, it ensures a more reliable assistance so that candidates selected for a personal interview are really the most suitable.

This innovative recruitment process goes beyond the standard curriculum vitae and exceeds current geographical constraints, in addition to reducing the time spent to complete the process by up to 80 percent according to Martinez. The young man states that he, “will not stop until Wowzer becomes the new recruitment standard worldwide," replacing the only method he considers to be his competitor: the telephone interview.