Rodrigo Teijeiro
2012, Argentina & Uruguay
Technology and marketing to convert 'start-ups' in global businesses

Rodrigo Teijeiro has a proven track record of personal business success as well as the motivation to help others to become entrepreneurs.  Fnbox, the company founded by Tejeiro more than a decade ago, is, in his own words, “a Latin American technology company focused on building global businesses and scalable Internet”,.

Today Fnbox has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the United States. One of the first ventures of Fnbox was (and its Spanish version, This telecommunications company grew from a small, local project to become a global company that offers more than 150 products and, according to his estimations, has a gross profit margin of 46 percent.

Teijeiro, along with his brother and associate, developed a detection system to control fraud via monitoring and classification of the users. Today the company develops its own technology (prepaid phone cards; wireless, rechargeable and PC-to-phone services) and markets directly to consumers. Since 2002, he has sold more than one trillion minutes of voice over IP and has about 200,000 active customers in 150 countries.

After, Lopez, a calendar that sends notifications for friend’s birthdays and national holidays, and, a free, animated e-cards service. These initiatives were subsequently integrated into Sonico, another major project supported by FnBox´s technology and experience in marketing and business development.

In 2007 Teijeiro founded the social network Sonico, which now boasts over 53 million users, as an alternative to MySpace and Facebook in Latin America.

Fnbox´s various business ventures support each other and revolve around one principle: to improve communication between people using technology and the Internet. His latest creations, a regional site for recharging mobile phones, and the throttle trading electronics site have once again demonstrated Tejeiro´s ability to not only attract customers based on their interests,  but also to engage them in the qualification and purchase of his products.