Tolga Kurt
2014, Turkey
Has created a software platform that delivers optimization and predictive analytics to businesses

“Business. More simple. Best.”. With this motto Tolga Kurt, a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa (Canada), presents PlusOneMinusOne (P1M1), a project that seeks to achieve great improvements in business efficiency, optimization and predictive analytics across various industries.

Before founding P1M1 in 2009, Kurt worked for several multinational companies. In that environment, he discovered two important problems: firstly, in these companies the software was too complex. According to this young businessman, the trend toward simplification led by companies such as Google and Apple still seeks its application in the traditional business world. Secondly, large-scale operations are also complex since the operational work consumes more resources than the actual work. Kurt explains: "I think that a bread baker should concentrate on making the best possible bread, instead of worrying about how to make the best possible packaging, how to reduce logistics costs or make deliveries on time”.

The framework for resolving these problems lies in operational research, a discipline that uses mathematical models to study the decision-making process. Kurt proposes to associate these models with user-friendly software and the storage assets in the cloud, with the aim of handling the problems experienced by different sectors using the same platform. An example of this is the use of the same P1M1 software for the optimization of automatic bank tellers, newspaper delivery routes and gas station distribution.

To carry out predictions and improve business efficiency using large volumes of data, the team of researchers working with Kurt has interwoven knowledge and experience in various fields such as signal processing, geographic information systems, operations research, and the development of algorithms and computing. Nevertheless, this complex structure has not prevented the P1M1 platform from offering a simple user interface.

The system devised by the young engineer is very easy to use. According to his explanation, it takes no more than 15 minutes a day to help a large company save millions. His system features a scalable framework that allows you to move between different sectors and company sizes. Kurt says, “A bank can run the application at a certain time for all their ATMs in just a few minutes, while a factory can run a prediction about the performance of a particular motor every day before putting it into operation".

As the young engineer explains, the operational efficiency savings of a company quickly transforms into environmental improvement. A delivery company successfully delivered their products with lower fuel consumption, which has a corresponding impact on toxic emissions, an idea reflected in the reduced carbon emissions counter displayed on his web site. According to Kurt, “the emissions counter will move faster with each new company and the world will be more efficient and green”.