Víctor Serdio
2015, Mexico
His chips with nanometric sensors detect the individual proteins associated with cancer

The Mexican nanotechnologist Victor Serdio, who works out of the Technological Institute of Tokio (Japan), founded his own startup, Mursla Nanosensors, to bring the advances in the miniaturization of semiconductor components to the field of biomedicine.

Serdio is developing a new chip, comprised of tiny structures that can detect individual proteins quickly and accurately, in order to accelerate the diagnostic process for cancer.

A physical and industrial engineer, Serdio applied his expertise in the design of nanostructures to the development of his first prototype, and added the ability to detect biomolecules. The result is a biosensor chip of a few nanometers in size that can detect the ErbB2 protein associated with breast cancer.

The most important innovation in Serdio´s work is the ability to create sensors whose electrodes are separated by a few nanometers, which increases the probability of detecting the marker proteins.