Valeria Springer
2014, Argentina & Uruguay
She has created a rapid food contamination detection kit that works with the help of a smartphone

Pesticides are chemical or biological agents that are used to protect against insects, weeds and crop pests that present a risk to human life. Some extremely toxic pesticides, such as organophosphates, may affect the central nervous system. Springer has developed an analysis kit to detect the presence of traces of this type of pesticides in food products thanks to the use of gold nanoparticles.

Using color reactions, which are monitored through digital images, this analysis kit allows for pesticide control in food products in a quick and simple way, reducing costs and delays.

The initiative developed by Valeria, a Chemistry graduate from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, represents progress in terms of research and proves to be a very useful alternative for underprivileged regions, with very few resources and where it is not possible to conduct similar analyses in laboratories.